10 easy ways to make your office more Instagrammable!

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A couple of weeks ago now I shared my beginners guide to Instagram with the aim of helping small businesses and bloggers to use it more successfully. I encouraged you to share behind-the-scenes photo's of your office, creative process or current projects but what if your work space isn't really that 'pretty' or 'Instagrammable'?

Well that's where today's collection of gorgeous hacks, DIY projects and ideas come's in! They're all relatively cheap, easy and enjoyable so treat yourself to a bit of 'you-time' and let's do some crafting...

1. Download a free desktop wallpaper to add some prettiness to your blank screen!

You'll find 100's of free wallpapers to download on Design Love Fest - just click HERE

2. Organise your to-do list visually 

You can see the tutorial for the 'weekly goals' frame HERE.

3. Jazz up your mouse mat

This DIY mouse mat is from Lovely Indeed

4. Create small 'on brand' touches

I love these washi tape pencils, tutorial HERE.

5. Personalise your mug

You could add your favourite quote, your brand name or logo or just decorate with a pattern which matches your branding like the one above (instructions HERE).

6. Make some bunting to bring colour to your office walls

Sources: 1 / 2 (including tutorial) / 3 / 4

7. Add some greenery to your desk!

Click HERE for the tutorial for this gold polka dot pot!

8. Frame your favourite quote to provide daily inspiration

You can download these here: 1 / 2/ 3/ 4

9. Decorate your notebooks

The tutorials for these are here: 1 / 2/ 3 / 4

10. Create a patterned case for your phone

Oh No Rachio has a video showing you how to make these DIY grid phone cases HERE.

Which idea is your favourite? I'd love to hear if you're going to give any of them a go?!

Chloe x