20 Business Blog Post Ideas Your Customers Will Love

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I shared a post a couple of weeks ago about blogging for business but today I wanted to go a step further and share some different types of blog post formats you could try out. Of course you'll need to decide on which ones would work for your business but I'm hoping that the examples will at least jump start some ideas for you!

As we talked about in this post it's important to understand what results you're looking for from your blog and exactly who your ideal customers are so that you can put together blog posts they'll love, share and use! Once you know what content or topics they will find valuable you can then refer to this list to mix up how you present the information to keep the traffic flowing to your website!


1. Make a list

A list helps readers to digest longer content and they are useful to bookmark to refer back to, just like this post ;-)


  • Our top 10 favourite places to visit near {insert where your business is located}
  • 6 Things I wish I'd known before I set up my business
  • A new office stationery checklist

2. Be visual

Photo heavy posts can be very inspiring but if you're feeling brave a video is even better!


  • Instagram lately (a round up from the last month)
  • An office tour
  • Images from a new product photo shoot

3. An Infographic

These are highly 'pinnable' on Pinterest and another great one for customers to refer back to. You can create one using


  • The best times to post on social media in your industry
  • One of your list posts from #1 in an infographic style
  • Our industry at a glance (pull together interesting facts and figures)

4. A quick reference guide

Collate information that people regularly have to look up / Google and put it into a really useful blog post for your customers or peers.


  • A month by month guide of what flowers are in season throughout the year
  • Simple instructions of how to do something (related to your products!)
  • Everything you need to know about the dimensions of your latest product

5. A story or case study

Facts tell, stories sell - they help your customers to bond with your brand and build trust, therefore making them more likely to buy from you.


  • How our business got started...
  • A customer success story or case study
  • The story of how you named your business

6. A comparison post

Provide value by sharing your decision making process. Your research and experiences will save someone else having to do the same so it's a great format for a blog post.


  • The pro's and con's of running a business from home
  • How xxx product compares to yyyy product
  • Deciding on which type of laptop to buy for our office

7. Frequently asked questions

Answering your FAQs in blog post every now and then not only helps answer your potential customers objections and questions but it will also reduce your work load too!


  • A Q&A style post answering your most FAQs
  • The 5 most asked questions answered!
  • An in depth look at xxx topic

8. A link round-up

Pulling together links to other blog posts (your own or from others) into one handy blog post instantly adds value to your readers as it saves them time and probably introduces them to content they wouldn't have come across.


  • 10 best tutorials on xyz
  • The best of your own blog posts over the past year
  • 6 incredibly useful articles we refer to when we need creative inspiration

9. Behind the scenes insight

Customers LOVE to see behind the scenes! Being transparent makes you business so much more human, relatable and inspiring.


  • A sneak peak into our creative process
  • Our favourite tools or iphone apps that we use everyday
  • Our goals for next year or highlights from this year

10. The breakdown of a process

Similar to #9 but more focus on explaining how something works. It can help you to educate your customers who might not be aware of just how much hard work goes into your products / services.


  • A day in the life of our office
  • What goes into making xxx
  • A step-by-step guide to how we xxx

11. An interview

These are great as it's highly likely the person you interviewed will also promote the blog post for you so you'll get double exposure! I'd recommend experimenting with the format of the interviews too, written is easier but a video (i.e. a recorded Skype call or Google Hangout) or a podcast is even better. You can also consider a crowd-sourced interview to where you ask several people one question and pull together all of their answers into one blog post.


  • An interview with our suppliers, team members, customers, complimentary businesses etc
  • A chat with a leading industry expert
  • We asked 10 customers what they thought of xxx

12. A survey or quiz

Survey's are great for getting to know your audience better! It's free to put together a survey of 10 or less questions on and the feedback could be invaluable if used to inform a new product / service design.


  • Customer feedback survey about your products
  • How well do you know xxx - a fun but informative quiz
  • What do you think of our website? (A multiple choice survey)

13. Guides or briefings

These should be long, meaty posts, full of good content to demonstrate your knowledge or experience. They can help establish you as an industry leader or credible expert so they are worth the time investment.


  • A-Z of {insert the town your based in}
  • Our guide to the latest budget announcements
  • A full briefing on xyz {insert business related topic}

14. A before and after

Who can resist a good make-over story?! It appeals to our human nature to see how things can be improved and is a great way for you to show off your creative skills.


  • A customer repair job before and after
  • How we turned xxx into yyyy
  • A look at our stats before and after our new website!

15. How to...

DIY tutorials are one of the most shared and sought after types of content on the internet. Fill them with photos, tips and simple instructions for maximum impact.


  • A step-by-step tutorial or recipe
  • An guide to using xxx {insert tool or software}
  • Tips for setting up your first xxx {insert relevant topic}

16. A review

A good way to shine the spotlight on something or someone, although make sure you only post positive reviews, keep the negative ones to yourself!


  • The key takeaways from xxx {insert an industry event you recently attended}
  • Our thoughts on xxx
  • A review of our favourite local lunch time eatery

17. Host a competition

Can you create a customer challenge or competition to increase interest in your business? I would always recommend using your own product / service as the prize. If you give away things like vouchers or an ipad (yes I've seen people do this!) then you'll only get interest from people wanting free stuff rather than people who are genuinely interested in your business!


  • Organise a simple giveaway were people have to 'like', 'comment' or submit an email address to enter then you pick a winner at random
  • Create a challenge where you ask customers to get involved in an activity e.g. refer the most new customers to you?!
  • Host a contest where you ask customers to submit something and you choose the best one to win e.g. share their pictures of your products in their homes?

18. An announcement post

Your blog is the perfect channel for you to announce exciting things happening in your business so use it!


  • Our new product launch
  • New dates added!
  • An announcement that you're working with a new supplier or will be stocking a new supplier

19. Highlight your products / services

As with #18 you can openly talk about your products and services on your blog, just don't do it in an overly salesy way! Get creative and try to build up anticipation, pro-actively overcome any potential objections which might stop someone from buying and show off how aspiration your products and services are.


  • Our most popular products from last month
  • 10 things you might not know we do for our customers
  • How we use our xxx product at home (share insights into ways you can use the product)

20. A news article

Position your business as a source of news, information and being thoroughly up-to-date by sharing the latest goings on in your industry.


  • What you need to know about xxx
  • Our reaction to the latest legislation
  • Our answer to {a hot topic in your industry}

Which of these ideas do you like best? Do you have any others that work well in your business to add to the list?

Chloe x