Marketing Tasks Checklist

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Even if you love 'marketing' it's one of those small business activities which is a little bit like cleaning the house. You need to keep chipping away at the tasks on a regular basis, otherwise it all piles up and requires a huge effort to get back on track!

Today I thought I'd share with you my checklist of the marketing (and business planning) tasks that help me keep on top of it and might be a useful starting point for you too:


  • Prioritise 3 - 6 things from my bigger to-do list to get done today
  • Check into social media platforms to respond to comments and interact with others posts
  • Reply to blog comments
  • Pin 5-10 things, including my own blog post links - my beginners guide to Pinterest is here if you need extra tips on how to use Pinterest for your business


  • Schedule my social media posts for the week, including sharing content from others, blog post links, etc - to see how I do this using Buffer click here!
  • Review last weeks successes and challenges
  • Write down my key goals / areas to focus on this week
  • Write and schedule my weekly email newsletter to post out on Saturday
  • Write and schedule at least 3 blog posts
  • Interact in the Facebook groups I'm a part of (although I could be better at this!)
  • Comment on good blog posts I find throughout the week


  • Review my website and social media stats for the month to track my progress using Google Analytics - my guide to Google Analytics for small businesses is here
  • Write guest posts for other blogs in my industry
  • Review my business plan / marketing strategy and goals for next month


  • Set new goals for the year
  • Refresh my business plan and marketing strategy
  • Review the previous year's successes and challenges
  • Schedule in at least a couple of holidays or weekends away!

Do you do any other regular marketing or business planning tasks that I've missed? Is this checklist helpful?

Chloe x