Using Google Analytics to enhance your website user experience

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Understanding the behaviour of your website visitors can be so helpful for your marketing strategy. The 'Behaviour reports' in Google Analytics show you what type of content your visitors enjoy most and what they are clicking on - which can help you to optimise your site, produce more valuable content and encourage people to return, recommend you to others and help you make more sales!

This is part 4 of my guide to Google Analytics for small businesses. If you're new to Google Analytics or want to understand how to use it better, parts 1-3 might also help:

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So, today let's dig into the Behaviour Reports in Google Analytics to improve your website, which are located down at the bottom of the main menu, on the left hand side. Here are some of the key areas to look at:

What content resonates most with your visitors?

Identifying which pages, blog posts and products your website visitors are viewing the most can help you optimise them even further and develop new content for the coming months based on what's working already.

To identify your top 10 most visited pages click on 'Site Content' then 'All Pages', you can see more by clicking 'view full report' in the bottom left hand corner if you need to. I know I've said it hundreds of times but remember to set the date parameters in the top right hand corner and if you're number one page in the list is shown as '/' this just means your homepage!

Once you have your list of best performing pages take a look at each one and ask yourself:

  • Is the information on each page up-to-date?
  • Can I make the text or images any better? Is there anything missing or more helpful that I could add?
  • Is there a clear 'next step' for my website visitors to take on each page e.g. a button to 'buy now' or 'view more posts like this', etc
  • Are there any other pages or blog posts I could add that would replicate this success or expand on it?
  • Could I promote this page more on social media to bring in even more traffic to it?

Which pages are visitors leaving your website from?

The Exit Pages report (located under 'Site Content' then 'Exit pages') show you the last pages people visit before leaving your website. It's good to identify these so that you can look at how they could be improved to keep visitors on your website longer. 

To do this you can add links to other valuable content on your website that they might be interested in, like your top pages or blog posts as identified above. It's also a good idea to point them to other ways they can keep in touch with you e.g. by subscribing to your newsletter or following your business on social media!

What are visitors searching for on your website?

Another useful set of information can be what search terms your visitors are using on your website. To get to this click on 'Site Search' then 'Overview'. Of course you need to have a search bar some where on your website for this to work but it can be a useful hint on things missing from your website copy or give you more ideas for future blog posts.

Where are visitors clicking on your website?

The last menu option in the 'Behaviour' section is called 'In-Page Analytics' and this shows you your website pages with percentages next to each link so that you can see the number of clicks each one is getting and is therefore most popular (or not!). To use it though you'll first need to install the Page Analytics Google Chrome extension.

I hope you've found this Google Analytics guide useful, I've got one final post coming up soon with a few final Google Analytics tips and tricks - including how to see which days and times are most popular on your website!

Chloe x