30 Social Media Post Ideas

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Do you keep meaning to post more to your Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram? It's hard though right, when the curser is flashing on your screen but you just don't know what to type?!

Here's a list of 30 different types of content to post on social media...

Of course, remember that you can also share the same piece of content in different formats too, for example as text, an image, video or as a graphic. Reposting something in a slightly different way, at a different time also gives your followers a much better chance of seeing it given social media moves so quickly.

30 social media post ideas:

  1. An inspiring or motivating quote
  2. A story or snippet related to your day / week or your business, for example; how you came to starting your business
  3. Blog post links
  4. Questions, for example; asking your fans for their feedback on a new product idea
  5. Votes or polls where you give your followers a few options to choose between
  6. Behind-the scenes insights in your creative processes, day-to-day routine or industry
  7. Offers / discounts
  8. Fill in the blank style questions, for example: "This weekend I am going to ______"
  9. Photo captions to funny or unusual photographs 
  10. Give helpful tips and advice
  11. Links to good content from other people
  12. Interesting facts
  13. Contests or competitions
  14. Quick 'how to' guides
  15. Industry success stories or case studies
  16. Something funny e.g. a joke, an image that will make your followers smile or a lesson learnt the hard way ;-)
  17. Customer testimonials
  18. Sneak peaks of new products or designs
  19. Old popular content – repost evergreen content regardless of the original posting date!
  20. Product spot lights, for example; your best-selling products of last month or a new product launch
  21. Thank your fans for following you!
  22. Recommendations, for example; your favourite blog, website, cafe, supplier, product, tools, etc
  23. Useful reminders or prompts according to key dates in your industry
  24. Answer one of your FAQs
  25. Promote an event you are running or attending
  26. Company announcements or news like winning an award, moving premises or launching a new website!
  27. Cross promote your other social media profiles, for example; "Come and see what we're pinning on Pinterest this week"
  28. Share a freebie in returning for opting in to receive your email newsletter
  29. Personal / lifestyle type images to allow fans to connect with you as the face of the brand, for example; a selfie, your pets, photos of your home, etc
  30. Share a links to relevant industry articles or news

Which ones are you going to give a try this week?

Chloe x