7 ways you can use social media to grow your business

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Whether you love social media or you've been avoiding it, these days it's one of the best and most cost efficient ways to market your small business, in fact it's become so powerful that it's actually changed the way people behave. 

People (i.e. your potential customers) are on social media first thing in a morning, when they're procrastinating (guilty!), when they're waiting to pick the kids up or to catch the bus, whilst they're watching television and just before they go to sleep! From grandmothers to the top CEO's, most people now have at least one social media account that they use regularly.

We now expect to be able to make a personal connection with the brands we love, we want to read what other people think about products and services we're considering and we're constantly looking to discover new ideas and information online.

This is probably nothing you didn't already know but the real question is, what's the best way for small business owners to use social media? Every business will have a different reason for using it, and it's important to identify yours so that you can then start to use it more strategically and get better results.

7 ways you can use social media to grow your business:

1. To drive traffic to your website and therefore increase the number of visitors seeing your products, reading your blog posts or looking at your work.

2. To influence the buying behaviour of your potential customers and increase sales - people are now more likely to buy a product after seeing a message on social media than ever.

3. To build loyalty and turn your existing customers into advocates for your brand - they're probably talking about your business on social media anyway so why not leverage it!

4. To build your email list and in turn share valuable content with your target audience that could enhance your know, like and trust factor - and become a sales funnel long term

5. To establish you or your brand as a credible source of expertise and network with key influencers, peers and potential cusotmers in your industry, positioning your business as the 'go-to' for advice, new projects and potential collaborations

6. To conduct research, gain feedback or partner with others on new ideas, processes, products, suppliers, etc. 

7. To increase brand awareness and introduce your business to your target audience. Start sharing your story and meet your ideal customers where they are! Go and pro-actively find them rather than hoping they'll stumble across you though.

So now you know how you want to use social media in your business - how do you practically go about getting those results? That's exactly what we go through in my new e-course called Social Media Whizz! I'll take you step-by-step through creating a specific action plan for your business, to not only build your likes but then turn your fans into clicks and customers!

What's the key reason you use social media in your business?

Chloe x