5 essential elements of your website homepage

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I'd hazard a guess that your website homepage is one of most visited pages of your website. It's also what your target customers use to form their first impressions of your business so it's super important that it does what you need it to do! 

When I design websites for my clients it's one of the key pages we focus on to ensure that we're introducing their brand in the right way and being very intentional in how we guide visitors through the website.

So today I thought it would be useful to talk through the some essential elements of a good homepage and hopefully you can then make a few tweaks to your own and improve your visitor experience.

5 key features of a good website homepage:

1. Make it instantly clear what you do and for who. Imagine for a second that you are a total stranger who knows nothing about you, your business or even your industry... If you open up your homepage can you see within 3-5 seconds what your website / business is about?

You want to re-assure your target customers that they are in the right place very quickly, for example with a tagline in your header or a couple of sentences at the top of the page, without them needing to read your about page or scroll through other pages! 

2. Point them to your services (or most important next page)! If you don't give your website visitors a clear path or direction of what to do next they're likely to either leave or click on something else and miss your key information. Make your services obvious (this links in with point 1) by using images, buttons, examples of recent work or client testimonials so that they now where to go to read more.

3. Ensure they know how to contact you. Whether that's by adding 'Contact' to your navigation bar, putting your contact details in your homepage footer or having a specific 'call to action' button which says 'call now'. If someone hasn't got time to read through everything (or even if they have) it should be super easy for them to get in touch to ask a question, book your services or buy your products.

4. Give them a way to 'link' with your business. Your ideal customer might not be quite ready to buy just now but by following you on social media or signing up to your newsletter they will be more likely to remember you or even be persuaded to buy sooner! Nowadays people like to stay connected with the brands they like so give them an option to follow along with you.

5. Add some personality. How can you hook your website visitors into your brand? Help them to quickly understand your business personality by giving them one or a combination of; attractive images that showcase you or your products, links to recent blog posts they might be interested in or a useful resource that could help them... Anything you can do to be appealing, recognisable and memorable, in a good way obviously!

Have you got all 5 of these key features on your website homepage? Do you have any others you think are essential when you visit new sites? What do you look for first when you open up a homepage?

Chloe x

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