Top 5 tools to help you be more efficient on social media

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As a busy business owner do you often find yourself scrambling around to post something on social media? Or do you feel like you're spending ages trying to 'master' it when actually you probably should be working on other stuff?!

Social media can be a big drain on time if you try to do everything real-time! However using a few simple tools you can spend much less time on social media and still get the same results.

Here are my 5 favourite tools to help you be more efficient on social media:

1. Buffer - This online tool allows you to schedule social media updates in advance for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. It's brilliant for 'batching' so you can spend an hour (or however long you need) a week getting everything set up to post out automatically throughout the rest of the week. Freeing you up to concentrate on everything else! I wrote a blog post about how to use Buffer and get started for free HERE.

2. IFTTT - which stands for 'If This Then That'. I'm a bit late to this party I must admit but it's a brilliant tool to save you time. I wrote a post about why and how to use it HERE.

3. Latergramme - this is an app you download to your phone which allows you to schedule posts for Instagram. Just like Buffer (which you can't actually use for Instagram) you can set up your post with the image, caption, tags and hashtags then schedule to post out a certain date and time. When it's time to publish it you will then get a notification on your phone and you just need to swipe it to give it the final go ahead to post for you. A useful tool if you're focusing on posting more and upping your Instagram game!

4. - essentially this tool pushes out content (like your blog posts) to your social media networks. You can set it up so as soon as your scheduled blog post goes live on your website it will automatically post a link to the social media networks you have connected up. Pretty useful as it saves you a little time in manually scheduling out that first link on Buffer and means that no matter what at least your followers will be alerted when there's a nice, new, shiny blog post on your website.

5. Tweetily - if you're a Wordpress user I'm sure you'll love this plugin! It basically goes through all your old blog posts one by one and tweets them out for you at regular intervals (which you set up). You can also add hashtags and exclude posts you don't want to be re-posted which means you can continue to get eyes on your archives without having to think about tweeting them out!

Do you use any other tools to help you manage your social media accounts better? I'd love to hear any other recommendations and I'm sure other readers would find them useful too!

Chloe x