What is IFTTT and how can you use it in your business?

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I love coming across new tools which make life just that little bit easier (particularly in regard to managing social media). Plus this one uses what they call 'recipes' which makes me think of cake so it's got to be worth finding out about right?!

I must admit I've been a bit late to the IFTTT party, for some reason I thought it sounded confusing, or technical maybe. However I set up an account recently and have found it pretty straight forward, really useful and well worth taking 10-15 minute to get set up!

Today I thought I'd share some of the basics I've learnt so far to help anyone else still sat on the fence / avoiding it entirely...

What is IFTTT and why use it?

IFTTT stands for 'If This Then That' and pronounced 'ift' (as in 'gift'). It's a free online tool which allows you to automate some of the tasks we do manually online. So essentially if 'something' (which you define) happens online it uses it as a trigger to do 'something else' (which you also set).

For example, if I update my Twitter profile picture, I can set up a IFTTT 'recipe' to update all my other social media profile pictures too, to save me having to log in and do each one separately.

Or, if someone comments on my Wordpress blog I can automatically send them an email to say thank you for commenting!

The possibilities are endless and these 'recipes' can be set up by you, or you can use recipes that someone else as already created on IFTTT. You can also use IFTTT for other areas of your life, not just social media or business so have a look through all the channels and recipes for inspiration on how it can help make your life easier in other ways.

How to set up an account on IFTTT:

You can do this by downloading the IFTTT app on your smartphone or by signing up on your desktop, which is what I did:

1. Go to and set up an account by adding your email and a password. You'll also receive an email to verify your email address to don't forget to click this to active your account. It will also ask you what types of recipes you might be interested in so it can make suggestions!

2. Click on 'Browse' at the top to start setting up recipes, you can either connect all your social media accounts in 'Channels' at the top or do it as you go (which I did), using simple, one-click authorisations. (I've also recommended a few recipes I started with further down the post with the direct links to each one.)

3. You can also go into 'My Recipes', click on 'create recipe' and follow the steps to set up more recipes of your own too:

Three useful recipes to help you get started on IFTTT:

To help you get started here are the first 3 recipes which I set up:

1. Post an actual picture to Twitter rather than showing a link when you post on Instagram - click HERE to set up this recipe in IFTTT

2. Post a photo to one of the photo albums on your Facebook page if you post an image on Instagram and use a certain hashtag (which you can define) - click HERE for this recipe

3. To update your profile picture on Twitter when you change your profile picture on Facebook - click HERE to start using this recipe

Do you use IFTTT? Has this post been useful? And do you have any good recipes set up that you'd recommend to users just getting started?

Chloe x