8 Good Questions To Help You Review This Year!

ProductivityChloe AdlingtonComment

I'm sure you've already started reflecting on 2015, thinking about what you've achieved and what your goals might be for next year? Which is a great thing to to, however I wanted to throw in a few other prompts / questions for you to 'mull' over before you 'wrap' up the previous 12 months ;-)

Here are some questions to help you not just review the year but also to take all the good stuff and expand on it, learn from the challenges and refine you strategy for next year.

In general the questions are based around your work / business but some are relevant to consider for your personal life too!

Reviewing 2015:

1. What has made you the happiest / most excited this year? Try to do more of this next year!

2. What has stressed you out or drained your energy? How can you prevent this from happening in 2016?

3. What are the biggest lessons you've learn this year?

4. What resources have helped me succeed?

5. What has been the best ways to attract new clients or achieve your goals?

6. What things are you most grateful for this year?

7. What things do you need to do more of or learn to help you next year?

8.What could you do to make your work more fun / enjoyable / creative next year?

Do you have any good questions to add? Do these help you reflect on the past year's achievements? Which ones were most impactful for you?

Chloe x