Social Media for Introverts

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Introverts prefer quiet time alone, we think carefully before we speak and we can be easily overwhelmed by noisy or crowded places, so it's not surprising that sometimes we can find posting on social media quite challenging!

Actually Introverts aren't shy (as commonly thought) and we love interacting with people, but we'd prefer a glass of wine with a few close friends than a party full of strangers. So with this in mind I've pulled together 6 techniques I use to help me make the most of social media that I hope might help other Introverts feel more comfortable with posting out updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc:

1. Take re-assurance that quality is better than quantity. Remind yourself that to most people you DO have lots of interesting things to say, knowledge to pass on and that it's a good thing that when you do post it will be worth reading!

2. If you are feeling particularly self aware then focus on sharing good stuff that your followers would appreciate from other people e.g. interesting blog posts, useful articles, products you love, etc.

3. Have a weekly social media schedule to make posting new content a little easier. Automate your posts at the beginning of the week so if you do need a little 'quiet time' at least the bare bones will go out anyway! 

4. Build up a bank of content, e.g. Instagram photo's, so that you always have something to shaer (according to your schedule) even if you're not particularly feeling like posting.

5. Develop a smaller, close network of peers, customers, fans and contacts on social media that you feel comfortable 'chatting' with online.

6. Push yourself to open up every now and then to help your followers to connect more with you. For example I posted a photo of myself on Instagram recently with the caption about how difficult I find it to share 'selfies' and I had lots of lovely comments from people who feel exactly the same way! 

Do you have any tips for managing social media if you're an Introvert?

Chloe x