Branding and Website Design for Flint Norfolk

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Flint Norfolk is the new brand name behind the most gorgeous holiday cottage in North Norfolk called Ford House. Owned and run by the lovely Amanda as a family holiday home that has now been opened up to guests in the village of Docking.

It was a total honour to be asked to work on this project as I've admired Amanda's Instagram feed full of pictures of this stunning cottage for ages!

We started by putting together an inspiration board, using the muted greys and blues that feature in the cottage to set the visual direction for the designs...

Then I used this to put together several logo concepts and Kate from Oyster Bridge & Co also provided a artistic sketch of the property to feature in the final main logo... 

The website's main job is to show off the gorgeous photo's and provide potential guests with all the information they need about the cottage and I'm thrilled with how it turned out...

To take a look around the website and the cottage visit the link below. It's been one of my favourite projects of 2016 and I can't wait to go and stay at Ford House next year!


Style: Homely, Coastal and luxurious