A new look for my website!

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I'm so happy to finally reveal my new branding and website! I've been wanting to update my own branding for a while but I've been so busy working on client projects and then getting married so it feels great to see it come to life now!

My business has evolved quite a lot over the past 6 months so I wanted the new branding to reflect this and the overall look to be feminine, creative and warm. I started by pulling together an inspiration board of images that I loved and that would appeal to my ideal clients, which is something I do for every branding project I work on!

I came up with this mood board for my new branding, and I'm sure it will come as no surprise if you follow me on Instagram that it features a cup of tea, stationery, geometric patterns and hints of copper - all things I naturally gravitate too on a daily basis:

As I would for one of my clients I then used this to sketch several different logo concepts before settling on the final designs, colour palette, fonts and then any patterns or illustrative elements. To give my website a more personal touch I actually hand-lettered my name. I've been perfecting my modern calligraphy skills recently so if you're interested in a hand-lettered logo this is something I can now offer you too!

Once I'd finalised my logo I pulled the brand together in a 1-page brand style guide, using patterns to add personality and femininity which I love...

The next step in my design process for clients is then to design any brand stationery like business cards, packaging or flyers however don't tell anyone that I skipped this step to get my website finished (naughty me!) but I'll definitely keep you updated on my stationery as I have some exciting plans in store ;-)

Finally I implemented a new Squarespace template to my website and got to work on applying my gorgeous new branding, updating copy and simplifying the site layout. Ever the web designer I'll probably continue to tweak things but I'm super happy with how it's looking so far...

So what do you think? 

I hope you love it as much as I do, it definitely feels more 'me' and more consistent with my Instagram feed which is where you're most likely to find me online. I also have a few other big plans up my sleeve for the next few months so do pop your name on my mailing list (sign up in the blog sidebar to the right!) so you don't miss them!

Chloe x

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