My name change explained!

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The keen eyed amongst you may have noticed that my business name has recently changed. The website used to be Chloe Adlington (.com) and is now Adore Creative Studio!

It's something I've been thinking of doing for a while now so I thought I'd explain it a little more here...

There are a couple of reasons behind the change but the main one is that after getting married in April my name is no longer Chloe Adlington! Lesson learnt to not name your business with your maiden name ;-)

I felt it might confuse clients when they got emails and invoices from Chloe Wilson (my married name!) when they thought they were dealing with Chloe Adlington and it was starting to really bug me. You know one of those niggly thoughts that keeps popping up... coupled with the business growing a lot this year I felt it was time to rename.

I hope you like the new name? It's taken me a while to find the right one until I arrived at Adore Creative Studio.

For those of you who've been kind enough to follow my online endeavours since the beginning will remember that my first big project years (and years!) ago was a wedding blog called Adore by Chloe. I built so many contacts & followers under this name and it's where my great passion for the wedding industry began so I really liked the link back to this.

The word 'Adore' really speaks to me too. It perfectly explains the love for what I do, the wedding industry and how I want my clients to feel about their finished brand and / or website!

I also decided to use 'Creative Studio' rather than something like 'design' as creativity is so important to what I do and it gives me plenty of room to expand and develop the business in the future without feeling limited.

So there you have it, naming a business is so hard so I hope you've enjoyed a little insight into the thinking behind changing mine and if anyone else is struggling with coming up with a business name at the moment, keep brainstorming... eventually the perfect name will become clear!

Chloe x