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If we're talking pure enjoyment and for personal use Instagram is my favourite social media platform. If you haven't tried it yet Instagram is a mobile-based, photo-sharing service (I'll share a beginners guide to using it soon!) I love it because it's simple, visual and it allows you to connect with other users in a much more personal way. Every morning it's one of the first places I go online as there's always something colourful, inspiring or pretty to get my day started so I thought I'd share some of my favourite Instagram accounts, to give you some new peeps to follow if you don't already!

In no particular order here's my top 10 people to follow in Instagram:

1. Capture By Lucy - all round gorgeous photographer who also runs #capturingcolour - a weekly challenge that's always full of inspiration!

2. Emily Quinton - floral heaven! Emily also runs a weekly challenge called #fridayflorals

3. Catherine Frawley - follow for beautifully styled food pics and join in with #frommykitchen too!

4. From Roses - a lifestyle blogger with an eye for pretty, light images that always stop me scrolling!

5. The Lovely Drawer - you can tell Beth is a designer as her eye for style is impeccable!

6. Rachel Gadiel - for fellow monochrome and typography lovers!

7. Miss Poppy Design - the prettiest feed ever, it's full of flowers, quotes and her gorgeous prints.

8. The Green Gable - stationery, snippets of daily life and a weekly challenge (#savouringhappiness)

9. Madeline Shaw - I love her positive daily quotes and she reminds me to put down the biscuits and make a green smoothie instead!

10. Hilary Rushford - colourful, stylish and creative she has it all and is one of my favourite online entrepreneurs!

Who's your favourite Instagrammer from this list? Do you have any favourites you could recommend?

You can follow me on Instagram HERE to see behind the scenes in my life! Get ready for pugs, flowers, food, quotes and family snaps ;-)

Chloe x

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