How to be a social media whizz for your small business

Social MediaChloe7 Comments

These days social media is an essential part of any small businesses or blog marketing strategy. It's a free and effective way of promoting your products, services or blog to new potential customers and readers but I know it can be time consuming and overwhelming at first!

So how can you, as a busy, small business owner or blogger find the time to really use social media successfully? Whether you're; 1) a total beginner and need help with the basics or 2) you've got your profiles set up but want to use them more effectively, there are some tricks of the trade which can make social media a lot easier and more successful at promoting your business or blog!

And by 'successful' I mean using social media more strategically, to generate real leads and traffic for your business or blog rather than just gaining more 'likes' or 'fans' who never engage with your posts. Plus there are ways to automate it so that you can spend less time on social media and more time doing what you are best at on a daily basis.

Of course you may pick up these tips, tools and tricks as you go along but it could take you months or even years to stumble across them. Google only gets you so far and a lot of the advice out there is very generic and not really aimed at small businesses owners or bloggers.

Fortunately I've been there and got the t-shirt already. I've learnt the hard way how to put together a social media strategy that works, how to regularly create share-worthy content, how to use social media to 'make friends' with industry leaders and how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to drive more traffic back to your website.

I want to share these strategies with you so I'm putting together the ultimate guide to being a social media whizz for your small business or blog! If you want to know when it's ready just sign up below and I'll be in touch soon with a very exclusive opportunity...