How to start before you feel ready

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Feeling ready to start your business is a bit like feeling ready to have children. There is no perfect time and you'll probably never feel 100% ready for it.

It took me ages to launch my business because I wanted everything to be fully prepared, thought through and set up in advance. Couple that with days of self-doubt, fear or "life" taking over and progress was fairly slow for a while.

Then I realised that I could work non-stop all year and probably still not feel 'ready'. The business owners I look up to probably never felt ready when they started either. And that's the point, everyone has to start somewhere and their businesses evolved and grew from there, at their own pace.

I doubt Cath Kidston would feel ready to launch her empire as it is now back on day one, but she wasn't launching the hundreds of retail outlets, online shop and everything that goes with it back then. She was just setting up one shop, designing a handful of products and doing her best.

So I started thinking smaller, what are the essential things I need to do to set up my business rather than the 100 million things I could or should do? How could I break down my complicated product ideas into simple, bite-sized chunks that I could start selling quickly?

Simplifying it released the huge pressure I'd put on myself, made it feel more achievable and helped me see the few steps I had left to actually launch. Of course those doubts in my mind about whether I had enough blog posts pre-written, social media updates scheduled and newsletters prepared were still there. But I got comfortable that the basics were in place and it didn't have to be perfect straight away.

Getting started is just the beginning, once you make that step you've got plenty of time to make improvements and it's usually easier to tweak things once they exist anyway!

I wanted to share my experience with you in case there's anyone else out there struggling with not feeling ready or even getting close. I hope it helps you feel more comfortable that although the uncertainty will probably always be there - it's ok to start before you're ready. It's about using what you have right now and finding a way to make things happen.

What do you want to start before you feel ready? Is it a business, a blog, a family, a new project? 

Chloe x