How to turn around an unproductive day!


We all have days when we just struggle to get going, particularly if you run a small business, work from home or you've just returned to work from a little break! We had a lovely long weekend away over the bank holiday which resulted in us both feeling a little empty and unable to concentrate earlier this week. So I thought I'd share with you today some of the things I do to turn around my unproductive days...

1 - Give yourself a break! It's 100% normal to have 'off' days so don't beat yourself up about it. When you've tried and just can't concentrate shut the laptop and focus on another area of your life like meal planning for the week, tackling your ironing or going to the gym. At least this way your day won't have been totally wasted and you'll feel good about progressing something non-workwise which still needed doing.

2 - Do the smaller tasks. Do you have any quick and easy tasks you can blast through instead to clear your to-do list a little? Declare it an 'admin day' and use the time to get all those niggly, 'I really should do hat' jobs like clearing out your inbox done instead. 

3 - Get strategic and do some planning. Review your business plan, think through your goals for the next month or so, do a mini audit on your marketing efforts recently to evaluate what's working and what isn't... There are plenty of ways you can get yourself back in the 'zone' by reminding yourself of where your trying to get too, which is always a good use of time if you ask me!

4 - Change your scenery. Give yourself the best chance of being productive for the rest of the day by going somewhere with limited distractions like your local coffee shop. Sometimes we just need to hit the refresh button, even if it's just taking the dog a walk for half an hour then coming back to your desk can make a huge difference.

5 - Do something practical. It's amazing how doing something practical (or creative) that you don't really have to think about can allow your brain to free itself back up. Have you been meaning to have an office clear out or sort out your filing system? Make yourself a cup of tea and get it done! You'll feel so much better that's it's finally sorted and no doubt it will ease you back into the swing of things.

6 - Prepare for the rest of the week. Think ahead and focus on doing things that will make the next few days easier, for example; scheduling your social media updates, planning for a meeting or pre-packing up some orders. You're busy self will be very grateful later in the week, making your day worth while after all!

Do you have any tips that help you turn around unproductive days? 

Chloe x

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