Taking care of yourself as a small business owner


When you run a business you are your greatest asset. If you don't have the energy (mentally or physically) to keep hustling things come to a stand still. And I know 'self-care' is much easier said than done as we're all so busy but long term it really is an important part of being an entrepreneur!

So today I thought I'd share 6 ways we can take better care of ourselves. I'm definitely in need of a little rest so will be taking my own advice and setting aside some time to focus on these things during the week:

1. EXERCISE - Probably one of the hardest things to carve out time for but just walking the dog or going for a half an hour run 3 times a week will do wonders for your productivity, make you feel better and help you stay in shape. The 30 days of yoga with Adrienne program on YouTube is free, easy to do at home and a great place to start for beginners!

2. BE CREATIVE - Regularly being creative will help breed more creativity, which is an incredibly useful ingredient to running a business. It's also about taking time for yourself and doing something that you enjoy like baking (there's some recipes on my food blog if you need some inspiration) or teach yourself a new skill - this free, online Crochet School is pretty good if you fancy giving it a try.

3. TAKE TIME OUT - If you're based in the UK too find somewhere lovely to visit at the weekends via This Is Your Kingdom, it's one of my favourite websites and full of hidden gems!

4. EAT WELL - It's so important to keep your energy levels up so just eating little and often, along with drinking plenty of water is the first thing to prioritise - even when you're super busy! But if you do want to up your 'healthy game' you might like this free 30 day challenge by Simple Green Smoothies!

5. SET BOUNDARIES - everyone will have different things that work for them but putting in some strict boundaries e.g. to stop working by 6pm every day, can really help you achieve more of a work-life balance.

6. REST - Give yourself permission to do nothing when you need to. We all need time to completely switch off, veg out in front of the TV and re-charge our batteries every once in a while - don't feel guilty about it, it might be exactly what you need!

What do you do to take care of yourself as an entrepreneur? Which of these things can you introduce into your weekly routine to take better care of yourself?

Chloe x