Ready to get in touch? Fantastic news, I'd love to hear from you! Once you've taken a look through my packages HERE just drop me a little email by filling in the form on my contact page. I'll then set us up a chat over the phone or Skype so we can discuss your project, get to know each other  and I can answer any questions you may have.


To book your spot in the diary I ask for a 30% deposit and a signed copy of my contract. I'll then send you over the branding and / or website questionnaires and we can start collecting inspiration for your new visual identity via a secret Pinterest board! I'll also create a brand inspiration board to check that we're on the same page creatively before we move onto the design stage!


I'll start by designing your new branding (if applicable) then putting together a brand style board which includes your logos, fonts, colour palette and any other design elements. Once we're happy with this a further 30% of the payment is due before we move onto building your new Squarespace website, blog or e-store!


Once we're happy with your new branding and / or website you're final payment of 40% will be due. I'll then help you to create a launch plan to build excitement, celebrate and show off your new visual identity to the world! On or just after launch day I’ll also showcase your branding on my blog and social media accounts to help spread the love too!


Where are you based?

I’m in Nottinghamshire in the UK but as I work virtually please feel free to get in touch wherever you are in the world! 

What are your rates and how does payment work?

To see my current rates you can read about my design services HERE. For all packages a 30% deposit is required to reserve your spot in the diary. We can then spread the remaining 70% in instalments, usually 30% upon completion of any branding work then the remaining 40% is due just before your launch day.

How soon can we get started?

I can only take 2 projects per month and I’m usually booked out 2 months in advance but please get in touch via my contact page and I can let you know what my diary looks like!

Preferred website platforms

I will use Squarespace to build your website, blog or e-store as it's so much more intuitive, clean and user-friendly for you to update once we hand over! 

How does domain transfer and hosting work?

We can purchase a domain directly from Squarespace or just transfer your existing URL and I can help you with this process! Your monthly Squarespace plan will replace your existing hosting package and they start at around $8 per month, depending on the template we choose but I'll explain all of this to you once we get started so don't worry - I'll make it as easy and non-technical as possible!

How long will it take?

Depending on your project it usually takes between 4 – 10 weeks to complete a new brand and website design. We can discuss timelines in our phone or Skype chat when we get to know each other to ensure we’re both happy with the proposed dates!

What do you need from me to get started?

Initially I ask for a 30% deposit and a signed copy of my contract to book your spot in the diary. After this I’ll send you a questionnaire to complete and ask you to collect inspiring images that might help us narrow down your visual direction. When we move onto designing your website I will also need you to send me any images, copy and information that you’d like to be included on your pages too but I can help you with all of this if you need additional support!

What happens after launch?

Just before we launch your new branding and / or website I will help you to create a plan to build excitement, celebrate and show off your new visual identity. We’ll also spend some time going through the admin area of your website so you feel comfortable to make little tweaks and updates as you need too. I’ll also happily answer any questions you have via email for a few weeks afterwards to ensure you feel confident in using all the website features.